Wednesday, January 7, 2015

May-December Rewinds

Well, I'll be honest - I kind of flaked out on my monthly rewind posts. However, most of the details from what we were up to during those months can be found in my pregnancy posts. I'll try to do better in 2015, but no promises - the posts will probably revolve around the newest addition to our family (once he or she decides to arrive).

If you missed them and want to check them out...

Trimester 1
Trimester 2: Weeks 14-18
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Weeks 27 & 28
Week 29
Week 30
Week 31
Week 32
Week 33
Week 34
Week 35
Week 36
Week 37
Week 38
Week 39

Week 40 isn't over yet!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Week 39

How Far Along: 39 Weeks

Weight Gain: I've been hovering around the 27 pound marker for a while now. That's a whole lot of baby! I'm guessing BBM will fall somewhere in the mid to high 8-pound range. What do you think?

Maternity Clothes: Are we still asking this question? Maternity clothes plus Chad's sweatshirts.

Stretch Marks: I believe I have been pretty lucky in this department so far, but time will tell.

Sleep: Just practicing for the real thing with limited sleeping stretches these days. Naps are the best.

Best Moment of the Week: Every week, we have some pretty great moments! At our doctor appointment this week, Chad and I were able to hear BBM's heartbeat and ask all sorts of questions of our favorite nurse Tia because our doctor had to go deliver a baby before our appointment. I told her, "me next"! Haha, but apparently - BBM has a different plan!

Another candidate for Best Moment of the Week is clearly the 59-20 beatdown Oregon put on Florida State University in the 101st Rose Bowl / College Football Playoff Semi-Final. Go Ducks!

Missing Anything: I was kind of hoping to have a little champagne toast at midnight on New Years!

Movement: I have been moving a lot! Chad, Roscoe, and I have been going on walks to try to get the baby moving. BBM moves around plenty, but seems pretty content right where he/she is!
Don't judge my outfit! :)
Food Cravings/Aversions: I've been getting my weekly installment of Chick-fil-A lemonade with my weekly appointments. Chad even gave me his refill this week - what a guy :)

Labor Signs: Things are moving in the right direction, but the doctor thinks it could be "in my head" a little bit, so she has advised I not return to work after my due date (January 3, 2015). If BBM doesn't arrive by 41 weeks, we may have to discuss other ways to get him/her out and I really do not want to be induced, so... come out, come out!

Belly Button Status: Out and proud!

Wedding Ring Status: Still on and other than a few early mornings, my hands have been pretty normal. I think that is one of the good things about being pregnant in the winter - is that if I get too hot, I can always go outside to cool down!

Overall Mood: I think I'm getting a little impatient. Though I am trying to enjoy every last minute of the pregnancy, I am ready to meet this baby!!

Looking Forward To: Getting to the hospital and meeting BBM! Finding out if BBM is a Beast or a Beastress (according to Chad)! Sharing our sweet baby with our family and friends! :)

With Christmas last week, this week seemed much more low-key. We were busy at work, but I had a doctor appointment on Tuesday and then New Year's Eve I had a pedicure (which apparently did not induce labor since BBM is still hanging out in there)! Chad and I were at home on NYE and I think he was asleep by 10:30 p.m. Ha! New Year's Day, we went to Grandma Nellie's for family lunch and then over to Ontario to watch the Rose Bowl with Mom and Dan.

When you don't have any Duck gear that fits, you have to resort to raiding your husband's closet on game day!

40 weeks is tomorrow! 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Week 38

How Far Along: 38 Weeks
Maternity Clothes: Come on now, I'm 38 weeks - what do you think? 

Stretch Marks: Not that I am aware of. We'll know more in a week - or two, or maybe three? 

Sleep: Two to four potty breaks a night. I drink a ton of water, so that doesn't help the situation at all - but if I don't, I get so thirsty! I've also noticed my hands and arms are often "asleep" when I wake up in the morning, but that is supposedly one of the normal things that can happen during the third trimester. 

Best Moment of the Week: To say Week 38 was busy, would be an understatement! We had a lot of "Best Moments" - but as always, hearing BBM's heartbeat at my weekly doctor visit was amazing. Doctor reports everything is going great and to just "keep doing what I am doing". She also told me I looked amazing for a 38-weeker, and coming from her, I should definitely take that as a compliment because she sees a lot of women at 38 weeks. A little confidence booster never hurt anyone - especially a 38-week pregnant lady!

This week was also Christmas! We had a few gatherings to attend, and as always - spending time with family is always the best! We even got to see Greg and family on Friday.

Missing Anything: Depending on BBM's position, sometimes I miss not worrying I might pee my pants ;) haha! 

Movement: It's more like rolling, pressure changes, and shifting these days versus punches and jabs.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Nothing in the holiday menu has turned me off yet! 

Labor Signs: At my last appointment (Dec. 23), we were still about the same dilated and BBM was at a similar station, but my cervix was quite a bit more effaced. Other than that, I've still been experiencing BH contractions - but they are not very regular and most of the time do not have a pattern. I have noticed more during the daytime than in previous weeks. 

Belly Button Status: Sometimes during a BH contraction, my belly button is no longer an "outie" because the rest of my belly is flexed so hard, it makes my belly button flush. 

Wedding Ring Status: Still on - but I have noticed some mornings my hands are a little swollen. After I am up and out of bed, they return to normal - but it is something I might keep an eye on. I wouldn't want to get my ring stuck on there! 

Overall Mood: I have my moments. Haha, I think I've said that before :)

I would say there is an added stress to being this far along during the holiday season. From gatherings and events to shopping, cooking, wrapping, and a condensed work week (which really just means you have to get that much more accomplished in fewer days) - it has been a little hectic. Try doing all that while having a little bit of limited mobility and trying to keep your (tiny) house somewhat clean and organized. So yes, I have my moments. I think I've been pretty good for the most part, but I will say my patience level is a little lower than normal - for sure. The lack of sleep could have something to do with that. I've been trying to squeeze in naps on days I'm not working to help make up for that! 

Looking Forward To: Meeting our baby! Throughout the past couple months, people have constantly said that BBM was going to come early and that honestly freaked me out a little bit - so my goal was to make it to 38 weeks, at least! I am so happy we made it that far and for developmental reasons, 39 is even better! We'll take what we can get at this point, but we are very excited to welcome our sweet babe and I am especially curious to find out if BBM is a he or a she! 

Outings: I'm sure this will come as a shock, but Week 38 was really flipping busy. I worked on Saturday and then Chad and I ended up over in Payette to pick up one of his elk skulls that had been beetle cleaned at Predator to Prey. We then had dinner in Ontario and did a little "freezer meal shopping" before coming home. Sunday, I worked most of the day on freezer meals and some food preparation - just so you know though, when Pinterest says it will take you 1 hour 45 minutes, they really mean you should plan on about four hours! Haha! Oh well, every time I put more meals in that freezer, I feel a little better. Worst case scenario, I know my mom won't let us starve ;)
Chad helped with freezer meals! 
We were able to go over to Mom and Dan's house for a visit from Santa Claus Sunday afternoon and it was really neat to see how excited William and Joseph were to see and meet Santa! They were so sweet and Santa was amazing!
Even though I told him Chad was on the naughty list, he said there was still time for him to make the "okay" list! 
Monday and Tuesday were really busy at work because we only packed two days this week. I had a doctor appointment and some Costco shopping to do on Tuesday afternoon. Mom had errands to run also, so went went to Boise together. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a technology meltdown at the office that afternoon and that added to the overall stress of the week. I worked Wednesday morning and other than the aftermath of the Tuesday technology nightmare, everything went pretty smooth. 

Wednesday night was Christmas Eve at Mom and Dan's house. On the drive over, it snowed pretty heavily! They recently finished their addition and the house looks incredible! As always, the food was fantastic and we were all spoiled. The little boys are the most fun to watch with their presents. Every gift William opened, he exclaimed, "it is just what I wanted". I mean, how can you not love that spirit? By the time we headed home, the roads were clear again, which I appreciated - just in case! 

Christmas Day, we relaxed - just the two of us, and it was really nice. We slept in, made breakfast and opened presents. We worked on a few projects, added a few more freezer meals to the stash, took afternoon naps, and ended up going to Ontario to watch Unbroken. Apparently, going to the movies on Christmas is a popular thing to do! We saw a lot of people we knew at the theater, and even though going to the movies is not something that happens very regularly in our world - we had a good time. I have heard the book is better than the movie, but you tell me when that is not the case? I always think the books are better than the movies! 
Christmas Day - 2014
Friday, I was not planning on going to work, but after the crazy week I figured it might be better if I stopped in for a bit. I had a hair appointment that morning to get my roots "baby ready" :) - just in case! I told Stephen that the baby could come now that my hair was back to the right color!

After my appointment, I went to the office for a bit and took care of as much as I could before Chad and I met in Vale to go to Willowcreek for Christmas at Dad and Jana's. We celebrated Christmas in the barn for the first time and it was really nice! The food was great - and you know the dutch oven biscuits were amazing! I wish I could have eaten some of the dough - it's a favorite of mine! Greg, Nykole, and Bryson were able to make it over from Pocatello to celebrate Christmas, which was so nice. It has been too long since we have seen them! Poor Bryson was working on getting over a cold, so I couldn't spend too much time with him because I can't really afford to be getting sick right now, but he looks great and is a healthy boy :)

After presents, we played lots of games and William and Joseph are getting an early start on Monopoly with a junior edition. I lost, haha! However, Peter and I are the reigning Christmas Pitch Champions of the World after winning the tournament that evening! 
Five sweet boys! 
As much as I love Christmas, I am happy to have 2014 Christmas in the books. I don't think I could handle another week as busy as this! :) Unless, of course - it comes with a baby! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Baby Library

Thanks to a children's book exchange and the generosity of so many at our baby shower, BBM has the most amazing baby library!
We have a great selection of classic stories and newer books and many childhood favorites of my own! Chad claims he doesn't know any of the books (which is kind of sad), so I've been practicing my reading aloud skills and have been reading a book here and there at night to him. If BBM goes to sleep to the sound of my voice like Chad does, we will be in great shape :)

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Week 37

How Far Along: 37 Weeks

Sleep: My relationship with sleeping is not that great these days. We'll just leave it at that.

Best Moment of the Week: Marcus Mariota won the Heisman - but you already knew that! Go Ducks!

We had another doctor appointment this week and I am still 1.5 cm dilated as of Dec. 18 - but more effaced and the baby has dropped (a lot) and is at a +1 station. If you are curious what these strange words mean (dilation, effacement, and station) you can check out this link.

I also had a pedicure on Friday and that was really nice because my hooves were getting a little long if you know what I mean. It's hard to trim your toenails when you can't reach your feet ;)

Missing Anything: Not to be a whiner, but I miss my joints not hurting. Clearly, my body is informing me that this is not a long-term healthy weight! I've never had my knees, hips, and even one of my ankles ache like this before - but like I told Chad, it is part of what you sign up for and since it is all baby weight (right, of course), those aches should go away as soon as BBM arrives :)

Movement: It seems like around 3 a.m. is tap dance time - or maybe football drill time?

Food Cravings/Aversions: We have way too many sweets around the office and house right now!

Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks contractions seem to be a little more regular and not always just at night.

Overall Mood: Grateful, excited, nervous - feeling like BBM could make his or her arrival anytime!

Looking Forward To: Spending the holidays with family and meeting our sweet babe in the next few weeks!

Outings: Not the busiest week we have had (which I am so okay with), but we did manage to squeeze in a wedding and the high school staff Christmas party dinner!
Chad, Tiff, & MaKayla
The nursery is pretty much ready - all of the big stuff is organized and ready to rock and roll once BBM arrives, but we are still adding details here and there. I bought this "Wild & Free" sign from Sally at the Bee's Box in Weiser over the summer and I think it fits pretty perfectly in the changing area!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Chad's Oregon Bull Elk Video

Chad has a new hobby - because he needs more of those, right? No worries, it ties closely in with his most loved hobbies - hunting and spending time in the outdoors. He has been making videos out of some of his hunting footage from this year and below is the second video he has put together and posted to YouTube. I think the videoing has actually made him a better hunter - and it definitely helps him pass up on some of the smaller bucks and bulls! If you cannot see the video below, the link is available here. It's a pretty great bull!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Week 36

How Far Along: 36 Weeks

Weight Gain: Let's just say I'm in the healthy range according to my doctor. I have to admit though - I've never seen numbers this large on the scale before! 

Maternity Clothes: I asked Chad the other day if he thought sweatpants would be appropriate for work. Probably not, but at least the weather allows for lots of dresses and leggings.

Stretch Marks: 
I cannot see any, but let's be honest - that doesn't mean much! If it is not on the top of my belly, I cannot see it. 

Sleep: We are in the baby-feeding schedule training program right now. No sleep for the wicked! 

Best Moment of the Week: Since I now have weekly doctor appointments, they aren't always as exciting as they used to be. However, we are now a whopping 1.5 cm dilated and I jokingly said at that rate, we're about 16 weeks out! 

Missing Anything: Rolling over in bed without it being a giant event ;)

Movement: I feel like we still have lots of movement in there - even though BBM is supposed to be around 6 pounds and possibly a bit cramped - he or she is still finding ways to push me around! :)

Labor Signs: Dilated to 1.5 cm. as of Dec. 10. No signs of "real" labor though. 

Wedding Ring Status: I have had a few moments where I felt like my hands were swollen - but it has been when I was in a warm room. I'm not sure who thinks 80+ degrees is comfortable, but it is surely not this pregnant lady! 

Overall Mood: I think I have finally reached a point where I have realized that it will all work out. No matter how many lists I make, things will be fine. I was super stressed out on Thursday and Friday when our software system was not working properly and I feared having to work on restoring over 30 days of work. However, it all came together thanks to an amazing database recovery team and we only had to rebuild two days of work.

Anyway, I have been actually very productive over the past few weeks and though I don't think we'll ever be "ready" (and people who say they are - are crazy), we have a lot accomplished and have been continually crossing things off the "to-do" list. There are more items to complete, but whenever BBM decides to make his or her arrival, we'll figure it out.
Looking Forward To: Heisman Trophy Presentation! Go Marcus Mariota and the Oregon Ducks! One of our grower-owners (well, his wife), made the Oregon Duck quilt below this week and with the other Duck gear BBM already has, I know he or she will never be short on Duck pride! The machine quilting on the quilt is pretty amazing - with duck feet and "Oregon Ducks" in script writing. Very cool!

We also have a wedding on Saturday and one of my dear friends from childhood is going to be in town, so hopefully I will be able to see her this upcoming week. This is also Chad's last week of school before Christmas Break! Saturday will be 38 weeks and that is my "goal" date to make it to. After that, BBM can come anytime, but there will not be any induction unless there are medical reasons. Everyone thinks BBM will come early, which probably means he or she will come late :)

Outings: Saturday, we attended Childbirth Prep class and though it was excruciatingly long, we learned a lot of useful information and I think we will appreciate the class more when it is actually "go" time. Best part of the class was Chick-fil-A for lunch :)

We stopped by to see Justin & Courtney on our way home from class and picked up the Christmas tree they had cut down for us - which was so sweet of them! Once we made our way back closer to home, we stopped by Raul's Bar to wish Raul a happy birthday! I stayed a while, but ended up leaving Chad behind to come home and hit the hay! 
Sunday, we were very busy around the house cleaning, wrapping presents, putting a few (close to) finishing touches on the nursery, and organizing. Throughout the week, we got the tree put up and decorated, finished writing thank you notes (to this point), and even put the pack'n play and bassinet together. Our bags are packed and we have a lot of things ready to go to the hospital. I'm not sure if we have the correct things packed, but we have stuff in a suitcase. If we don't have it - I'm sure we can get it!
During the week, I also attended the Idaho Oregon Fruit & Vegetable Association Christmas Party and there were a lot of comments about BBM's size. Apparently, we are large - which I know, but I haven't seen a lot of the attendees since June, so you can imagine their surprise! One was even convinced we wouldn't make it past Dec. 12 - but I think we are good there. Lots of boy versus girl talk and everyone is very excited either way!
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