Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spooky Halloween Wreath

When Mom, Alisha, William, and I went on a shopping trip to Boise a few weeks back, we noticed these CUTE Halloween trinkets in Pier1. You may not remember, but my mother is quite talented when it comes to wreath making and she made this fall wreath for me. I also have a beautiful Christmas wreath. So why not make a Halloween wreath to welcome guests and all the little ghouls and goblins on Halloween night?

I am like a magpie when it comes to shiny things, so I purchased a glittery witch boot, a sparkly bat with big fangs, and a big shiny spider made out of bells with bendy legs! I then went to JoAnn's and bought a wreath, black and silver glitter spray paint, and plenty of flowers and filler. Keeping with my purple and green theme, I bought huge purple flowers, little lime green button poms, black and green peacock feathers, purple feathers, sliver glitter spiders, and other filler. Lucky for me, my mom had orange pumpkin filler to add to the mix.

After several layers of spray paint, glitter, and cutting and arranging flowers, we are almost there. The project is not completely done, but below is a sneak peak. We also get to make a wreath for Mom and Alisha - they should turn out great :) All we need to do is hot-glue mine together and make sure Mom's cat Daisy doesn't eat the spiders or feathers (apparently, she has been attempting)!
The best is yet to come, I will post pictures as soon as this fabulous Halloween wreath is on my door! For more purple and green Halloween ideas, visit HWTM's most recent post: GLAM Halloween. We were totally on the same page today.

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Karen said...

Way cute! You are inspiring me to be crafty this weekend!

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