Wednesday, November 20, 2013

So you're telling me there's a chance...

Well, the potential buyer decided to talk with Guild Mortgage and they are working with her to rebuild her credit. We signed another extension - with a few additions to protect our investment, time, and sanity. We will know more by mid-December. 

In the meantime, we're still sleeping on the mattress in the living room.

I just about had a meltdown when I couldn't find a can opener yesterday. It only took me two boxes to find it (thanks to my inventory tracking system). Chad was walking out the door to go buy one at the grocery store when I found it. This living out of boxes thing is getting kind of old.

Please don't stop by, our house is in shambles. We are also, kind of.

But, there's a chance.

1 comment:

Jen said...

Sending lots of positive thoughts. Someday you'll look back on these few months and laugh. Hang in there!

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