Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spring Archery

This spring was very busy for Chad on the archery front. He worked several events over in the Boise area for BowTech Archery and Dead-On Archery including the Boise Sportsman Show and the Grand Opening of the Dead-On Archery Eagle Location.
He also participated in a few archery shoots and I tagged along for one in the Vale area to snap some photos. We met up with a few friends - John and his daughter Whitney, and Tyler and made our way through the 3D shoot put on by a high school senior for his senior project.


John decided to shoot the target that was "not a target". He ended up with a broken arrow!
Tyler, Chad, & John
Dad brought over Matthew & Peter to shoot the course and we worked through the 2D section with them. The weather was nice, the company was great - and Chad even ended up winning second place in the Adult Shoot! Happy Spring!

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Nobanno said...

You can learn the basic rules, names of all the strokes, how to play a match, things like that, in a few days or weeks. Acquiring high levels of *skill* at all the strokes, being able to beat lots of other young people, getting yourself sectionally or nationally ranked, that's a different story.ArcheryLessons are needed.

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