Monday, June 16, 2014

Free Diamonds!

This spring, Simmons Fine Jewelry celebrated their 25th Anniversary and in honor, they had a 25th Anniversary Diamond Stud Giveaway. Chad entered me to win the diamonds and he actually WON THEM!

The submission by Chad via Facebook:
We all know Tiffany puts up with a lot when it comes to my hunting and outdoor pursuits. Most recently, I put a turkey fan in our refrigerator – which she was not impressed with, but she didn’t take it out either. She even returned home one day to find I had hung a turkey fan in our bedroom – romantic, right? Since we don’t currently have room in our house for all our mounted animals, she has the rest of them hanging in her office at work. How many wives would go for that?
In the spring, I am in the mountains hiking and searching for shed horns – or chasing turkeys and bear. During the summer months, I’m fishing and refining my stalking skills on mule deer. Once fall hits, Tiff is lucky to catch a glimpse of me as I hunt deer, elk, and the occasional antelope in multiple states. If I am home during the fall, I usually try to take off to the river or find a pheasant or two. In the winter months, I can be found snowmobiling or decoying geese.
I also work full-time as a schoolteacher and we have a farm – which Tiff keeps an eye on when I am out hunting. Tiffany will go hunting with me when the circumstances are right for her, and those are always great memories. I definitely push the envelope, but she loves me anyway – and when I buy her hiking boots or a new bow or rifle for birthday/Christmas/anniversary (even though I know she’d probably rather have something from Simmons), she is always appreciative. She’s the best and even when I call late at night to ask her to grab her camera and the packs because I’ve got an animal down, she’s supportive – even when it means we are packing out in a snowstorm.
She even includes some of my hunting pictures on our Christmas card each year. Enough about me, Tiffany is the most generous, organized, determined person I know and she doesn’t really know the word, “no”. She gives of her time and talents when others are in need and can often be found working on various projects for other people with a pile of her own projects on the backburner. I know she would love some extra bling – and who knows, it might be just the ticket to get me through another hunting season!
Back in 2007-2008, we purchased our engagement and wedding bands from Simmons Fine Jewelry, and we have bought additional jewelry since then from Jay, Blake, and the amazing staff at Simmons. No matter when we come in - which is not very often, the staff always recognizes us, is very helpful, and they have a beautiful layout and very sparkly gems! If you are ever in the market for jewelry of any kind, I would wholeheartedly recommend Simmons! (And I would have said that before we won the free earrings)! :)
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