Monday, August 4, 2014

Billy's Baptism

Chad and I were so honored when our friends McKenzie and Brian asked us to be the God-Parents of their first born son, William Henry. To be honest, Chad was a little confused because he's a little less than "churchy", but I think Billy's dad might have had hunting motives in mind with Chad and assumed I would take care of the religious aspects :)

McKenzie and I have been friends since I walked into her awaiting arms at Beta Omega Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma on Bid Day 2004. Though we had never met before that moment, McKenzie was selected to be my "Big Sis" and I cannot even tell you how grateful I am for that match. Throughout the years, we have stayed close friends and our husbands even get along (score)! Even after graduation, we have made treks back and forth across the State of Oregon to spend a weekend here or there together and I know we plan to keep that tradition alive in the coming years, which makes me very happy.

When McKenzie called to ask if we would be Billy's God-Parents, I obviously said yes and after a few tears, we hashed out a few potential dates and scheduled a weekend to travel to Washington for the big event (and to meet Billy for the first time)!

Most of the weekend was pretty low-key with travel and a new baby around, but Chad got to tour Glory Acres (McKenzie & Brian's property) and McKenzie and I got to play catch-up while putting in some Billy time!

I did a poor job documenting the weekend and took very few photos (which just means I was enjoying myself too much to bust out the camera), so I borrowed these photos from McKenize's blog post.
Congratulations Van Hoy Family! We love you! 

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McKenzie said...

We love you guys :)

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